Friday, October 5, 2012

This Week's Menu: 10/4-10/11

Last week our refrigerator (also the newest appliance in the house) was on the fritz -- for an entire week. So, we had to wing-it quite a bit and I'm really proud of ourselves for only going out to eat twice. There are, however, a few repeats on this week's menu since we never made them last week.

Thursday: White Bean Chicken Chili + Homemade Rolls
Friday: Soup + cheese toast or sandwiches
Saturday: BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches w/ Coleslaw + Green Salad + Apple Crisp
Sunday: Slow Cooker Pot Roast w/ Potatoes & Carrots + Green Salad + Cinnamon Rolls
Monday: Pureed Broccoli Soup
Tuesday: Black Bean and Sweet Corn Quinoa Salad + Sweet Potato Fries
Wednesday: Quesadillas
Thursday: Turkey Burgers OR Quick Chili

In addition to lots of tasty food on the menu, we're also looking forward to a "spiritual feast" this weekend; we'll be watching General Conference. I always come away from Conference sessions (viewable all over the world through Internet or on TV) feeling encouraged and uplifted and more aware of who I am and what I am capable of. I love knowing that God still has prophets on the earth to counsel and guide us through life's challenges. I love the peace I feel as I listen to their words each General Conference (held every six months in April and October). Feel free to tune in

Growing up, we had a tradition of making cinnamon rolls during General Conference weekend. We'll continue that tradition and make an already sweet experience even SWEETER! 

Come listen to living prophets

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