Saturday, March 12, 2011

This Week's Menu 3/11 - 3/18

Friday: Out (We made an IKEA run and had hot dogs and pizza while we were there.)
Saturday: Choo's Marinaded Chicken + Fresh Veggies w/ Buttermilk Dressing*
Sunday: Spaghetti + Roasted Asparagus + Green Salad (w/ leftover dressing)
Monday: Breakfast Burritos* + Fruit + Yogurt
Tuesday: Italian Chicken + Mashed Turnips* + Buttermilk Rolls*
Wednesday: Asian Chicken & Cabbage Salad
Thursday: {St Patrick’s Day} Pesto Pizza + Roasted Asparagus + Green fruit salad
Friday: Leftovers from freezer w/ Buttermilk Rolls* OR Steel Cut Oats w/ Fruit

* A star (*) means I'll be trying the recipe for the first time.


Clarissa Meegan said...

I'm interested to see if you made the chocolate chip cookie pie. I've had my eye on it. If you did, what did you think?

DJ and Candra Probert said...


The chocolate chip cookie pie was pretty delicious. It was super easy (only a few ingredients) and really yummy cooled down and served with ice cream.

I would, however, recommend small-ish servings. It is REALLY sweet/rich and you can only handle so much. With that said, I think I ate my whole slice that wasn't so little.