Saturday, March 19, 2011

This Week's Menu 3/19 - 3/25

It's time to start creating a stash of freezer meals for when Baby Girl gets here in about eight weeks.

Date Night
Saturday: {Missionaries Over} Mediterranean Pork + Couscous + Salad
Sunday: Spinach Stuffed Shells* (make extra for freezer) + Green Salad
Monday: Breakfast Burritos + Hashbrowns + Fruit
Tuesday: Baked Chicken Nuggets* (extra for freezer?) + Peas + Apple Slices
Wednesday: Hot Dogs + Oven Fries + Grapes
Thursday: Turkey Soft Tacos (w/ this Taco Seasoning*) + Mexican Rice
Friday: {My Bday} OUT ?

Reese’s PB Bars
Apple Muffins* (make extra for freezer)

A star (*) means I'll be trying the recipe for the first time.


Chalonn said...

Don't worry about stocking the fridge...let the ladies in your ward help you out...also, does your baby girl have her own peanut butter bars???

Jessica said...

Candra, YOU ROCK!