Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This Week's Menu 11/7 - 11/12

Now that I've made the official announcement on our family blog, I can now explain why I haven't been around much: I've been dealing with morning sickness. Who's idea was it to call it "morning" sickness? Because in my case it's been nausea that lasts ALL day long and gets worse at night -- you know, around dinner time? I'm 13 weeks now and seeing a light at the end of this first-trimester-tunnel. And every now and then I even get the itch to cook something fresh and healthy.

So here's a real menu... (it's been a while)

Quinoa & Black Bean Salad + Sweet Potato Fries + Orange Wedges
Tuesday: BLT's + Sweet Potato Fries + Grapefruit
Wednesday: Ravioli + Broccoli + Grapes
Thursday: Omelets + (turkey) Bacon + Toast + Grapefruit
Friday: Mac & Cheese + Broccoli + Apples

Whole Wheat Bread (Mmmmm -- this recipe is the best! Please make it.)

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