Friday, May 14, 2010

This Week's Menu 5/14 - 5/19

This is not my freezer.
But pretend it will look like this after
I prepare a few things for our freezer stash.

Friday: Pita Sandwiches (didn't make last week) + Parmesan Baked Potato Halves + Watermelon
Saturday: Hamburgers + Oven Fries + Corn-on-Cob (Bake 375; 30 mins in husks) + Watermelon
Sunday: Asian Chicken Cabbage Salad + Watermelon
Monday: Choo's Marinaded Chicken + Brown Rice + Fruit or Veggie
Tuesday: Fresh Tomato & Basil Pasta + Fruit or Veggie
Wednesday: Sandwiches and/or Clear-out-fridge-Meal (....To-Go)

I won't be posting menu's for a couple weeks since we'll be out of town enjoying family. I want to make a few freezer items for DJ to have when he comes home early while Liam and I are still in Idaho. I'm trying to ease the guilt I'll feel about him being home alone -- and I'm hoping some prepared food in the freezer will help him (and me) feel better. And if he chooses to eat out, I know we'll eventually make good use of it all.

Here's what I'm making this week to stash in the freezer...
Oven Roasted Chicken (cubed and divided)
Brown Rice
Taco Chicken (already made some extra last night)
Breakfast Burritos

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Natalie said...

This is a wonderful blog and one that I plan to look at often. Thanks for the great ideas.